177 - Be Para Fit by Major Sam McGrath (Book)

177 - Be Para Fit by Major Sam McGrath (Book)


- 172 pages
- Paperback
- Foreword by Lieutenant General James Bashall

Be Para Fit - The 4-Week Formula for Elithe Physical Fitness

"Are you ready to be Para fit?

Transform your lifestyle and fitness with the powerful new programme from Major Sam McGrath, former commander of the legendary PARAs' P Company selection process. Whatever your fitness level, this 4-week formula evolves with you, equipping you to take on your most ambitious goals, maximize your potential and achieve transformational results.

Challenge yourself and your body with the same endurance training and functional movement patterns used during PARA selection.

Build a lifestyle that complements your training with Major McGrath's pyramid approach, aligning firm foundations of sleep, nutrition and mobility with a structured exercise regime.

Conquer your fears and unlock a 'Paratrooper Mindset', with a focus on progress, not perfection, and the confidence to embody the PARA maxim 'Ready for Anything'."

Sam McGrath was one of the youngest soldiers to achieve the rank of major since World War II. His career included multiple operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and command of the selection course for the crack Parachute Regiment. He is currently Managing Director in a FTSE 100 company, a dedicated father of four girls and an elite ultra-marathon athlete.

Sam is donating all his royalties for the sales of this book to the charity SUPPORT OUR PARAS (our parent charity).