196 - DVD - 6th Airborne: Assault on Normandy

196 - DVD - 6th Airborne: Assault on Normandy
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6th Airborne continues the assault on Normandy series of films from BHTV and tells the story of this formidable airborne division with detailed analysis of their first and most notable feat during the Second World War.

The Overlord plan needed the use of airborne troops to secure the vital flanks of the D Day landings and to form a buffer to keep the German counter-attacks away, thus allowing 3rd Division to advance from Sword Beach towards Caen.

6th Airborne Division was raised in 1943 from infantry battalions converted to parachutists. Later, during D Day, General 'Windy' Gales was to be joined by Lord Lovat's Commando Brigade, who were to come under his command on crossing Objective Rugger (Pegasus Bridge).

Expert authors, Army pilots and battlefield guides explain the action on the ground where it happened. These locations include the epic attacks on Pegasus Bridge by the gliderborne infantry of John Howard's D Company 2nd Ox & Bucks Light Infantry and the seizure of Merville Battery by Terence Otway's 9 Para, who were to spike the guns that were through to dominate Sword Beach.

Meanwhile, the remainder of 3 and 5 Parachute Brigades were to secure key objectives and face counter-attacks by 21st Panzer Division. Although the brigades were largely outnumbered, small bands of paratroopers cleared Merville Battery, blew bridges and secured vital ground, the significance of which is explained with maps, photographs and diagrams.

Approx Running Time: 100 minutes
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