545 - Long Road To Libya by Jason Woods, Signed by Author (Book)

545 - Long Road To Libya by Jason Woods, Signed by Author (Book)


Long Road To Libya - Danger, Excitement, Tenacity, Resilience, Opportunity & Success

Signed by the Author

From boy soldier to paratrooper, private security operator to successful business entrepreneur. This is the story of a natural-born warrior with the vision and determination to chase and achieve his dreams despite multiple challenges, extreme danger, numerous manic drinking sessions, and a few screw-ups along the way.

Despite a fear of heights, he passed into the Paras and patrolled the streets of West Belfast. Despite a lack of sea legs, he protected the international shipping lanes from Somali pirates. He came face to face with the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, outwitted the insurgents in Iraq and worked alongside revolutionaries in Libya as they fought to oust Gaddafi, avoiding capture and dodging death along the way.

He lived and worked with diverse people from all walks of life, from the poor local tribesmen in the swamps of Sudan, to the Nigerian mobile palice units in the Niger Delta. He worked the bars and night club doors of London and protected the ultra-rich and famous in their castles and mansions around the world.

His career tracked many of the world's most recent conflicts and wars, he was closely involved in them and witnessed first-hand as history's most recent and notorious dictators were brought down and held accountable for their actions.

With stoicism, a large helping of military humour and a down to earth attitude of getting the job done and done well, he survived bombings, shootings, mortar and rocket bombardments, the constant threat of IEDs or being captured by insurgents as well as attempts to undermine and steal his business.

With an eye always on the future, he stayed one step ahead of both his enemies, his competitors and his peers, as he travelled the world in pursuit of his dreams.

This is the story of no ordinary man.

209 Pages