461 - DVD - Assault On Normandy Pegasus Bridge

461 - DVD - Assault On Normandy Pegasus Bridge
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The coup de main operation mounted by 6th Airborne Division, as the opening move of the D-Day, is without a doubt one of the great events of the Second World War. From the inception of British Airborne Forces in 1940, through training of the glider pilots, to the detailed planning of the assault by the glide soldiers of the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry, this DVD charts the mouting of the operation, the Bridges' spectacular seizure and 7 Para's battle to hold it until relieved.

The epic story of the Bridges is told by Tim Saunders and Mike Peters in detail and the disk contains printable copies of maps, orders, photographs and a complimentary battlefield tour guide to Pegasus Bridge!

Running Time: 80 minutes
Exempt from classification