197 - DVD - Bruneval Raid: Operation Biting

197 - DVD - Bruneval Raid: Operation Biting
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Bruneval Raid - Operation Biting is the first instalment in the brand new Special Operations series of DVDs that focus on a select number of the most courageous and strategically vital missions conducted during the Second World War. Their outcome, if successful, had the potential to tip the scales in the Allies favour and pave the way for an Allied victory.

In 1941 Dr RV Jones became convinced that the Germans had developed their own radar system that would account for increasing RAF bomber casualties. After exhaustive research and several failed attempts to make the British High Command take note of his findings, Jones eventually found conclusive evidence that his superiors could no longer ignore. An enemy Wurzburg radar system was located on the cliffs of Northern France at Bruneval and seizing it would be the solution to overcoming the enemy radar problem. A joint operation was planned by HQ Combined Ops that would involve all three Services, including the newly raised and barely parachute qualified C Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion, commanded by Major John Frost.

The planning went well but the rehearsals involving the Royal Navy were all disastrous. As the narrow window of moon and tide approached it was decided 'to bash on'. Nine of the twelve sticks of Paratroopers were dropped by 51 Squadron and the Germans were caught napping. However, they quickly responded and the Paras had a serious fight on their hands to keep the enemy at bay. With the enemy closing in the mission was accomplished and the force started a hasty withdrawal, but elements of Frost's plan were beginning to unravel. It seemed that all avenues of escape might be blocked but with the Paras converging on the beach they secured their escape on the badly delayed Royal Navy landing craft.

In Britain's darkest hour the success of the Bruneval Raid was just what Churchill needed and the information gained saved the lives of many airmen. In the now established style, the team revisit the exact locations where the raid took place seventy years ago to explain this momentous operation's successes and failures, making this compulsive viewing for all students of the period.

Approx Running Time: 105 minutes
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