194 - DVD - Operation Market Garden - Nijmegen

194 - DVD - Operation Market Garden - Nijmegen
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Following on from BHTV’s earlier film in the Market Garden series on the story of Hell’s Highway, the series reaches the battle to seize the great Bridges over two of Europe’s largest water ways; the Maas and the Waal at Nijmegen. Here the 82nd US airborne were, as elsewhere, denied coup de main attacks to seize the bridges by the air commanders. While the Grave Bridge was captured, confusion in US orders meant that the barely defended bridge in Nijmegen was only attacked when the Germans had taken the opportunity to reinforce the garrison. The resulting battle to regain control of the situation is an epic of Anglo-American military history.

With the 10th SS Frundsberg Division marching south to block the Allied advance, the British Guards Armoured Division delayed by a blown bridge on Hell’s Highway arrived and were pitched into a quick attack fighting alongside the American Paratroopers but this quick attack failed to grab the bridges. A better organised and supported attack was needed the following day. The key was to be a river crossing by 3rd 504th Parachute Infantry that British General Miles Dempsey described as he watched as ‘unbelievable’. With the Guards and 82nd closing in on the bridges from both sides the German defence crumbled. Even though the Bridges were in Allied hands the 82nd was being assailed by counter attacks from every point of the compass and Hell’s Highway had been repeatedly cut behind them and the life blood of an armoured division was being choked off.rnrnOur team of expert soldier/historians explain this amazing story in impeccable detail whilst not avoiding the controversies of this battle, which are so often divided on national lines, and have concentrated on military logic to cut to the truth. The DVD also boasts the first on screen interview with Lord Peter Carrington who crossed the Nijmegen Bridge with the first wave of British tanks.

Running time: 100 minutes approx
Format: PAL

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