760 - DVD - The Battle Of The Bulge

760 - DVD - The Battle Of The Bulge
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Discover why the last major German offensive of World War II so nearly succeeded and how heroic defensive actions by American Gls thwarted their plans.

Taken from the hugely-popular television series 'Line Of Fire', this programme harnesses state-of-the-art computer technology to explore, explain and bring new perspectives to one of the most vital battles of World War 2. It also features rare archive footage, specially treated recreations and authoritative comment by leading military historians from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

'Line of Fire' is history with a difference. For the first time, the great battlefields of war are presented in a unique animated environment, providing new insights into military history's most compelling events. Each powerful episode combines unrivalled graphics with atmospheric recreations to analyse every facet of famous battles from the medieval period to modern times.

Running time: 48 minutes
Dolby Digital Sound.
Format: PAL

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