762 - DVD - The Gulf War 1991

762 - DVD - The Gulf War 1991
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A coalition against Iraq was formed and it struck back with awesome power in January 1991

On August 3rd 1990, Iraq, under its ferocious dictator Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait, its oil-rich neighbour. Not long out of a war with Iran, Iran badly under-estimated the reaction of the watching world to its unprovoked attack; in particular, they believed that the US would not dare to become involved.

Iraq's air defence system and the country's infrastructure were taken apart by air attacks that utilised the very latest warfare technology and it was technology as much as anything else that brought Iraq's armed forces to its knees. Saddam had promised the 'mother of all battles' - words that came to haunt him and his army as they were caught in the open on the bloody road to Basra.

Running time: 48 minutes
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