261 - Paras Are Landing by Terence Cuneo, Large Size (Print)

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261 - Paras Are Landing by Terence Cuneo, Large Size (Print)
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'The Paras are Landing' 1989 print by Terence Cuneo.

A limited edition of this iconic numbered print. See if you can spot his famously inconspicuous ‘signature mouse’ synonymous with Cuneo’s work.

‘To achieve the effects Terence Cuneo needed to put this subject over with conviction, he stood on a Surrey heath watching men unload from the sky. That seemingly gentle occupation turned out to be a shade less peaceful than he might have supposed. A container came thumping down missing him by a couple of yards, followed rapidly by a paratrooper, whom he had not spotted, missing him by barely two feet. As the aim was obviously improving, Terence Cuneo decided to move on. Luckily, the grounded figures proved far less menacing to portray.’ (excerpt from Military paintings by Terence Cuneo)

Print Size: 61cm x 49cm
Overall: 65 x 52cm

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